Roman candle press (rcp)

Manufacturing presses for roman candles from 2 to 25 arms.


Roman candles with the following caliber:

  • de 30 a 50 mm
  • more than 50 mm up to 65 mm

Manufactured for a specific number of candles:

  • 2 candles for each charge (RCP-2)
  • 4 candles for each charge (RCP-4)
  • 9 candles for each charge (RCP-9)
  • 16 candles for each charge (RCP-16)
  • 25 candles for each charge (RCP-25)

Needs different molds and dispensers for each manufactured product, that are provided aside from the press.

High productivity (for example):

  • 2 candle press: 200 candles per day
  • 16 candle press: 100 candles per hour

Adjustable pressure. Indicative table provided to adjust pressure for each product.


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