Legalization of the assembling and shooting plant for pyrotechnic shows

The pyrotechnic shows assembling and shooting plants must have at least a warehouse and a booth for the machining for pyrotechnic articles purchased from a third party. In no case it will be possible to realize any kind of manufacturing, as the activity for these plants is only cutting fuses and machining them with the pyrotechnic articles in order to assemble them.

As for the manufacturing plants, the project editor must take into consideration the WHOLE Pyrotechnic Articles and Cartridges Regulation, and the possible Municipal Ordinances and the autonomous governments legislations, other than the Technical Building Code, the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations and the Fire Safety Regulation in Industrial Establishments.

In Pyrolab there is a team of engineers highly qualified in Pyrotechnics and Civil Work, well experienced in project writing for manufacturing plants of pyrotechnic products and assembling and shooting plants for pyrotechnic shows, which makes us the perfect company to approach any kind of engineering project in the pyrotechnic field.

Our team defines the plant’s layout with the property in order to obtain the maximum storage capacity, production capacity and highest safety standards, lowering at the minimum stage the necessary investment.

The developed projects include the Basic Execution Project, the Environmental License and the Project for the Government Delegation.

The Pyrolab team also realizes the Project Management and the Final Completion Certificates. All the projects are approved by the Valencia College of Engineers.


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