Production equipment for the manufacture of pyrotechnics and useful for fireworks displays.

Pyrotool is Pyrolab, S.L.’s brand for production equipment related with fireworks and firework displays. Todos los equipos Pyrotool is designed by engineers specialized in pyrotechnics focusing on the maximum quality of the product, full security in its use and maximum quality of the fireworks. The material used to produce Pyrotool are compatible with the pyrotechnic mixtures for which they are designed and we offer the customization values necessary for their secure usage.

Is equipment adjusted to current legislation?

Pyrotool is designed and produced in accordance with the security standards established by the European Union, assuring the protection of people, animals and the environment during the production and use of Pyrotool products.

Press for engines, cartridges and pyrotechnic mixtures.

Matrixes for each product produced.

Manufacturing presses for roman candles.

Equipment for the mix of flash compositions or explosive mixes.

Equipment to cut and punch the safety fuse.

Equipment to mechanize pyrotechnic displays.

Digital programming equipment for the design and shooting of any kind of pyrotechnic show.

Manual shooting equipment.

Preventive and corrective maintenance of firing equipment and auxiliary elements.


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