Pyrosoft:Management software for Module E

Pyrosoft is a cloud computing software aimed importers and traders of pyrotechnic articles who deal with products in the European market.

Pyrosoft provides a handy and straightforward solution to fulfil the requirements established under Directive 2013/29/EU. It is a useful tool aimed at the people involved in the pyrotechnic market. Its objective is to facilitate the management of operations between importers, traders, producers and laboratories with regard to the abovementioned Directive. Its use guarantees the fulfilment of the requirements and obligations related to the marketing of pyrotechnic articles into the European Union territory.

All the advantages of managing your products with Pyrosoft.

  • To place the orders.

  • To manage the products information: Type certificates, Techcnical data sheets…

  • To have a list of traders and manufacturing suppliers approved by the internal Quality Management System.

  • To keep a master record of laboratories approved for batch testings.

  • To place a purchase order to the trader, for him to place it to the corresponding factory in turn.

  • To establish batch numbers and to trace them with the orders.

  • To place orders to the laboratories for them to carry out the required tests.

  • To establish the samplings to be taken of each batch,.

  • To upload the tests results files after having received them from the laboratory.

  • To issue the EU Declaration of Conformity of each batch.

  • To manage nonconformities when results not fulfilling the requirements are detected.

  • To keep updated the records of the Quality Management System as per the Directive:

  • Quality documentation.

  • Document and records management

  • HR management.

  • Quality objectives.

  • Suppliers assessment.

  • Nonconformities.

  • Corrective actions.

  • Internal audits.


Módulo E

Pyrosoft is a cloud software which provides the users with the key to comply with the requirements established by Directive 2013/29/EU with regard to Module E.

Module E, “the product quality assurance”, is based on the setting up of an approved quality system for the final inspection and the pyrotechnic articles tests. The testing methods to be put into practice are established by the corresponding harmonised standards.

Companies willing to take advantage of Module E will be chiefly traders or importers buying their fireworks in factories based in countries outside the EU (mainly China). In this case, traders or importers shall carry out the batch tests established in the corresponding harmonised standard, by applying the sampling defined by the same standard. Tests should be carried out either by the trader or importer himself or herself (in which case, he or she should have the proper premises, equipment and staff to do so), or by an external laboratory authorised by a Notified body auditing Module E.

Pyrosoft enables to clarify the relationships between the different actors established by the Directive and regulates the responsibilities of each one of them

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