Strategy and Operations

In Pyrolabidelab we support organizations in searching for the best way to reach their strategic vision. We apply specific solutions to reach and keep up to date the improvements in effectiveness and efficiency in the key process in the organizational value chain. We develop improvement projects based on the customers’ needs.


  • Defining the Mission, Vision and Values.
  • Strategic analysis.
  • Strategic benchmarking.
  • Strategic formulation.
  • Display and monitoring. Operation plans and total frame vision.
  • Sales plan.
  • Risk management.

Expectations and results

  • Customers’ expectations detection.
  • Customer satisfaction evaluation.
  • Service quality evaluation.
  • Measurement and evaluation of service standards. Mystery Shopping.
  • Operating benchmarking.

Process management and improvement

  • Management through processes. Display of processes and indicators.
  • Participative improvement systems.
  • Specific improvement processes.
  • Processes analysis and improvement (simplification, re-planning, re-engineering).
  • Six Sigma.

Operation management

  • Process improvement in the production environment (5S, SMED, Lean Manufacturing, bottle neck analysis).
  • Supply chain analysis: suppliers integration, suppliers follow up and evaluation, arranged quality, supply chain safety.
  • Suppliers legal fulfillment control.
  • Operations analysis and improvement.
  • Stocks optimization.
  • Maintenance management improvement.


Our technicians will help you obtain a professional custom-made solution for your project.