Digital equipment

Digital programming equipment for the design and shooting of any kind of pyrotechnic show.

Digital shooting equipment FDS-2 or FDS-2R

Digital equipment with or without radio.

Digital programmable shooting dashboard. Storage capacity of 4 designs of 2032 lines each and a maximum of 60 M-2 modules for each shooting dashboard (according to cable configuration).

Radio shooting option. FDS-R2 model.

Manufactured with high quality materials and up to date technology.

Los equipos de disparo FDS disponen de:

  • Capacity of operating up to 60 M-2 modules
  • 4 panels of up to 2032 lines each
  • SMPTE, FSK, INTERNAL and REMOTE synchronization
  • 2×40 characters LCD display with sun-visible backlighting
  • High quality membrane keyboard
  • Unibody with the ultimate electronic technology
  • Double battery of 12 Vdc / 7A each one
  • Connection for auxiliary battery
  • Computer connection through B-type USB cable
  • Ultra-compact ABS type PELI-1300 box
  • LED indicators to show all status
  • XLR-NEUTRIK connections

Digital module M-2

The M-2 modules are designed specifically for FDS-2 dashboard.

Its characteristics are:

  • 16 lines shooting module
  • Made with 2mm thick aluminum with double chassis protection
  • Completely tropicalized electronics
  • Fast entry connectors
  • Capacity up to 25 igniters for each output (depending on cable conditions)
  • Resting consumption less than 3 mA

Splitter Protector

Line splitter with protection against short-circuits with the possibility of being activated and disactivated.

Splitter protector

  • Divides 4 bus outputs individually protected against short-circuits
  • Made with 2mm thick aluminum with double chassis protector. Available for Pyroteknik, Pyrodifital and Fireone equipment plus buses compatible with them

Activated and disactivated splitter protector

  • Divides 8 or 16 bus outputs, individually protected from short-circuits that let you activate and disactivate each output from programming section, controlled by a module
  • Allows a better energy management of the show and increases the protection against short-circuits

Control panel – Bus switch

Allows control of more dashboards simultaneously. Available for Pyroteknik, Fireone, Pyrodigital and Efisi equipment.

  • Thought for shows in which it is necessary to have back up rolling equipment
  • Custom designed for each kind of equipment: Pyroteknic, Fireone, Pirodigital, etc.
  • Allows to control multiple equipment from one unique point of control. In case one equipment fails, by simply using one finger we can switch to another equipment, through which the show doesn’t get interrupted
  • In the Fireone version we can control 12 Firelite from one unique output or 6 Firelite XL-II
  • In the Pirodigital version we can control up to 12 dashboards simultaneously

Complementary Pyrotool components

MDS-576 digital sequencer

External batteries

Provided with custom made charger and cable

Extension cable and sockets tester

Equipment for testing the connections status in extension cables and sockets.

It is custom made for each kind of extension cable and socket.

Cables and extension cables

Custom made communication cables for any type of connection.

Any extension cable is custom made and comes with or without a cable reel.


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