After months of hard work, we are proud to announce that the Delaying fuses, manufactured by Martins & Martins have been registered in the Pyrotechnic CATEX as P2 articles and as part of the 1.4S risk division. Both in roll and cut format.

Considering the “portuguese” fuse a P2 category pyrotechnic article with number UN 0432, is a very important achievement that corrects one of the most unfair requirements of RAPyC.

Martins & Martins made a huge commitment to get to this important change and we really want to thank them for trusting Pyrolab in order to help them in all the changing process.

We also want to thank the notified bodies LOM and TÜV Rheinland, for all their work in this project and the Notified Bodies Organization, for their declaration in favour of considering the Delaying Fuse as a P2 article.

In Pyrolab we will keep on supporting the pyrotechnic field and work for the improvement of working and safety conditions of all its figures.