Some images of Pyrolab together with clients in “Toy Fair de Nuremberg” 2018 the largest exhibition in the world dedicated exclusively to games and toys.

Feria-nuremberg- con Zola zou y Hazel Li del laboratorio CTP de China

With Zola Zou and Hazel Li from China’s CPT laboratory.

Feria-nurenberg-con Georg Aleff de Weco, Toni Gamón de Plásticos Gamón y Jordi Brau de Cialfir.

With Georg Aleff from Weco, Toni Gamón from Plásticos Gamón and Jordi Brau from Cialfir at the Weco stand.


With Jordi Brau, CEO of Cialfir, the only Spanish pyrotechnics company present in this edition of the fair.

Pyrotechnic consulting services